Travelling Teacher: Vicky Evans

Wild Adventures

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All About North Arm School

North Arm School is small but fantastic! At the moment there are four children but soon we might have a new member!

Beth says that her favourite subject is maths and it is Ashleigh’s favourite too. Jessica says that her favourite subject is English and Topic work is Alesha’s favourite subject.

We also have a very greedy sheep that lives on our farm! We all wrote a story about her and we made it into a real book to send to our friends. If you wrote a book what would you like to write about?

If you come to visit our farm make sure you come and see us, and of course bring a cracker to feed the Greedy Sheep!

Bakers, Weavers, Pirates and Scientists

NA extreme earth 6NA talk like a pirate day 4NA Weaving 15

NA brilliant baking 3