School Managers

School Managers

School Managers advise and support the Head teacher, unlike Governors of schools in England, School Managers have no legal powers.

School Managers make sure the best outcomes for children is at the centre of all discussions and recommendations that they put forward.  

They are:

  •  interested in the education of our children
  •  advise and support the Head Teacher
  •  a bridge between school and the community
  •  critical friends
  •  part of the school team and help develop priorities and plans for school improvement 

The Chair is a Parent Manager, who also serves on the Board of Education.  School managers meet at least once a term.

Chair: Mr Cecil Alexander
IJS&CE Parent Members:  Mrs Pippa Christie, Mr David Casey
IJS&CE Staff Rep: Mrs Charlotte Mountford
Principal: Mrs Anne Milston
Secretary: Mrs Stephanie Thain