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  • Year 2 Visit Kidney Island
  • KS2 Sports Day
  • Camp Education Susan Whitley Exhibit
  • Enterprise Groups Donation to Stanley House
  • Year 5 Camp- Sketching Bodie Creek Bridge
  • Year 3 Electricity
  • Gardening Goose Green
  • Kidney Island
  • Kidney Island
  • Lock Down Topic Work
  • Lock Down Topic Work
  • Lock Down Topic Work
  • Lock Down Topic Work
  • Lock Down Topic Work
  • Lock Down Topic Work
  • Lock Down Topic Work
  • Year 6 Port Louis Trip

Our School Values

In our school we are respectful and kind.

We take responsibility for our own actions and help each other to make the right choices. 


Important Notices

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Kindness Cup Winner



Well done Elliah!

For caring for others and checking for nuts in her snack because her teacher and friend are allergic to them. 😎

Student of The Week

  • Goose Green
    Goose Green

    Jamelia, chose to research blue whales and wrote some very interesting facts about them!

  • FS2A

    Ruby, for creative thinking in our Thinking Theo challenge!

  • FS2B

    Amanda, for trying her best and having a go when things are tricky!

  • Year 2B
    Year 2B

    Katie, for always working hard to achieve the objectives and using a range of punctuation and vocabulary!

  • Year 1A
    Year 1A

    Dylan, for using his words to express his feelings and sharing ideas during carpet time!

  • Year 1B
    Year 1B

    Bianca, for increased independent learning!

  • Year 2A
    Year 2A

    Alvin, for enthusiastic participation in outdoors PE and demonstrating super hockey skills!

  • Year 3A
    Year 3A

    Kalani, for coming back to school and working so hard and his attitude to learning has been magnificent!

  • Year 3B
    Year 3B

    Abigail, for always being ready to learn, staying on task and doing it all with a smile!

  • Year 4A
    Year 4A

    Brody, for returning to school with a good attitude, working hard and being a great friend in class!

  • Year 4
    Year 4

    Jordan, for his excellent effort and progress in Maths! 

  • Year 4B
    Year 4B

    Jacob, for showing excellent organisational skills, showing persistence when working and striving to do his very best!

  • Year 5A
    Year 5A

    Lily-Rose, for perseverance in maths while learning to measure and draw angles

  • Year 5A
    Year 5A

    Jack, for working hard, showing focus and determination throughout the week!

  • Year 5B
    Year 5B

    Keysha, for always being an enthusiastic and positive member of the class!

  • Year 6A
    Year 6A

    Ella, for impressing with effort, attitude, perseverance and achievement!

  • Year 6B
    Year 6B

    Chalyn, for super work in English, trying hard to use amazing openers and complex sentences!

  • Year 6C
    Year 6C

    Lois, for wonderful use of personification in a description of a storm and impressive flashback writing!